May 092013

I’m still around I promise! You know, I thought I was much more computer savvy than I am apparently. I’ve been trying to update my Images page for a good minute and I just now think I’ve gotten it right. Things I need to work on: take a blog class ASAP! 2) Take more pictures. I’ve updated the page with some of the work I’ve done over the past few months. However, there are a couple of clients who have no representation here, because I lost my camera for a few months (recently found, thank GOD!). So, I have some calls in to get copies of some pictures. Shame…I will definitely do better.

If you have a chance, click the “Images” button to the right and let me know what you think.

Aug 192012

I had the pleasure of working with a fellow Cass Tech Alum for her evening out at Fash Bash 2012. Fash Bash is a highly anticipated fundraiser that the Detroit Institute of Arts puts on every year. Deidra wanted a smokey eye – nude lip face for this event and showed me a pic of Chrisette Michelle as inspiration. Deidra is a undercover fashionista herself and I was all too happy to help complete her vision for this look. Check out her blog at madamebeaucoup.


May 232012

I recently had the opportunity to work with Brian Heath, creator of Detroit Fashion Week on his production of a fashion show fundraiser for the Ann Arbor chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha. We were to create clean looks for the models and were provided some lashes and various supplies to assist in that effort. There were 5 makeup artists including myself and about 20 models, so I got the chance to work on different skin types and face shapes. I did 4 faces and a few touch ups so was able to get a sense of my timing and learned that it’s always better to bring the makeup chair and not need it, than to need and not have it.

Mr. Heath had a photographer there to capture the event, so here are some of the photos:

Dec 222011

We choose a color theme for all the ladies to wear at our annual Christmas bookclub celebration. This year it was purple. I was excited til I perused my closet and found not one stitch of the color, lol. I don’t even know how this was possible. I’m a fan of the color but apparently had never seen fit to own any purple clothing. Perfect excuse to shop!

Thankfully, I found something easily enough. I wanted to a dress because I also went to see a matinee showing of Wicked and needed to get my cute on.

How does this relate to makeup? Well, I had recently seen a YT video by KJ Bennett explaining how to create your own matte lipstick. While my end product wasn’t matte, I used the same techniques to create a deep purple lipcolor.

Products Used:

MUFE  Rouge Artist Intense #15

MAC Grape pigment

MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass

Dec 062011

Snow fall, my favorite Christmas specials, decorated homes, and Christmas trees. It’s that time of the year again! I must say, I love the time between Halloween and New Year’s most of all. It’s like the world becomes more focused on family and giving. I know there’s also lots of consumerism, but don’t you feel the change in the air? I do and I think it’s wonderful!

This is the second year I will be participating in PSerendipity’s annual Secret Santa project. I realize this blog is focused on my makeup artistry and doesn’t give a glimpse of my other likes, so I thought I’d edit the post I did last year and drop some hints to my Secret Santa.

  • I’m a licensed (a)esthetician. Meaning I love all things makeup and skincare related.
  • Speaking of skincare, did you know that it’s soo cold in the D? I’m used to my skin taking a minute to adjust to the change in season, but this year my arms and legs almost staged a mutiny. I’m talking full scale dryness and flaking. Laughing in the face of lotion! This prompted me to put on my mad scientist coat and create my own moisturizer. I ordered shea and cocoa butters online along with a couple fragrance oils, gathered all the oils I normally use for my hair (coconut, almond, olive) and got to experimenting. The result is a lovely concoction that I use everyday and I love it! I smell like lemon cake right now. Can’t stop sniffing myself. Makes me wonder what else I can create. Muah hahaha! I’m not smelling like lemon cake anymore, but my skin is still mutinous this time of year, so I do still create my own concoctions.
  • One of my favorite aspects of fall/winter – warm beverages, lol. Homeade ginger tea, peppermint mochas, witches brew, spiked apple cider…yum! I’m drinking pumpkin spice flavored coffee as I type this. Wow, I actually am drinking pumpkin spice flavored coffee as I edit this. Maybe I need to switch it up.
  • I’ve had locs for just over 7 years, but by Christmas, I’ll have a newly shorn head.  I realize winter may not be the best time to cut off all my wind protection, but it’s been in my spirit for a minute so I’m going for it. (Hat, scarf, gloves perhaps?) As of Dec. 9, I will have had a low cut for one year. I have loved every minute of it, but am starting to let it grow. End goal is a funky Rhianna inspired mohawk. I figure by summer, I’ll be there. Anyway, that cold air on the back of my head is nothing the play with. A scarf would be lovely. ( I wear an orange coat).

    new hair inspiration


  • I’m an accessories girl. One of my new playgrounds for cute, fun (read: cheap) costume jewelry is For Love 21. There’s one in the mall out here and it’s accessories as far as the eye can see.  Just a fun way to brighten up my everyday outfits. My new obsessions are long (read: past the shoulders) earrings. Bling, glitter, feathers I love it all.

    love these earrings! and the makeup! and the short hair!


Hopefully that gives a little perspective on me. I look forward to whatever my secret santa comes up with and I’m excited about doing the same for my blogger!